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Practical solutions for men.

Do you have an issue you want clear, unbiased, insightful input on? Consider booking a session.I am passionate about supporting men in building health, positive relationships, financial well-being, and overcoming challenges.

Modern men face unique challenges & are increasingly being left behind.

I offer compassionate, solutions-focused consultations for men.

I am passionate about helping men and have personally felt how difficult it is to find real wisdom and mentorship. I am a man who actually understands what you are going through, not only intellectually, but based on having lived through similar experiences.There is a dire lack of quality men in the various helping professions, from teachers to therapists and beyond. I am called to offer my support to men and share the lessons I have learned.

Consultations with Damian Taggart

What is a consultation?
A 60-minute consultation is focused advice to help resolve a specific issue you're facing or achieve a particular goal. It is not therapy or treatment for a mental health diagnosis.
- Sessions conducted by secure video call via Google Meet.
- Cost is based on ability to pay, to be paid upfront via Venmo (US) or Wise (international)
If your pre-tax income per year is:
- under 10k cost is FREE
- 10-30k cost is $25
- 30-50k cost is $50
- 50-75k cost is $75
- 75-125k cost is $125
- 125k+ cost is $200
Spend 10 minutes thinking through your key priorities for the call so we can make the most of our time together. No other preparation is required.
During the consultation:
First, I’ll ask you to share relevant details about your situation and goals. Then I will offer clear, practical advice and tailored strategies based on proven psychological frameworks. My aim is to provide the clarity and direction you need to create real change. I will ask you clarifying questions and provide honest feedback.
Our discussion will remain confidential and not recorded. I may share insights that come out of our discussion in my educational work, but never with identifying details.
How to proceed:
If you feel ready to book a consultation, please:
1. Book a time slot
2. Make payment to confirm appointment
I look forward to helping you achieve clarity and meaningful progress soon! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any other questions in the meantime.

Damian Taggart consultations for men and boys

Background & Certifications:
Certificate in Financial Management
Bachelors in Media Arts and English
Certified Nutrition Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Wilderness First Responder
Certified Movnat Trainer 1 & 2
Certified Yoga Teacher
Landmark Advanced Course
Father of two boys
Serial Entrepreneur
Real Estate Investor
Software Engineer

This is a passion project that I do in addition to my full time job, as such my availability is limited. If you need a different time slot get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

My Experience

I bring significant, real world wisdom that comes from achieving amazing successes, and surviving awful lows.

Relevant highlights:

  • Overcoming addiction - I have personally overcome addiction and understand both the positives and negatives of substance use and can provide straight, honest talk without judgement.

  • Rebuilding after being "cancelled" - I have personally felt the pain of substantial loss related to cancel culture and understand how difficult rebuilding can be.

  • Financially successful - I know what it takes to build very high credit and live totally debt-free, working my way up from minimum wage jobs.

  • Relationship loss - I have been through divorce, the suicides of multiple people close to me, and have lost multiple long term partners and friends, and understand the pain from these events.

  • Losing weight - I went from a very sedentary life, weighing over 220 lbs to maintaining a healthy weight at 165 lbs with a healthy 15 percent body fat.

  • Changing careers - I have moved between careers and had to reinvent myself several times.

  • Starting and selling businesses - I have started 6 companies with 2 successful exits.

  • Overcoming low self esteem - I have overcome extreme shyness and social anxiety and have worked hard to build self esteem, self efficacy, and self worth.

  • Overcoming abandonment issues - I was raised in a divorced household with a lot of mental illness and didn't meet my father until I was 38 years old.

  • Having been through the system - I have had life plans altered from having been caught up in the legal system in my youth.

  • Learning how to live through mental illness - I have personally struggled with mental illness and can offer real wisdom in these areas that does not come from a textbook.

  • Overcoming fears - I have learned how to work with fear instead of avoiding it. One example, is overcoming the fear of heights sufficiently to have climbed many of the most challenging sumits in the lower 48 from the Sierras to the Tetons.

  • Developing self discipline I have published 6 books, hosted 2 podcasts, and completed multiple ultra-marathons, including a self-supported solo run across the Grand Canyon and back to the other side in 12 hours.

Client Testimonials

  • "For the past 3 months I have been doing sessions with Damian Taggart. it has been a life changing experience. With Damian's guidance, suggestions, encouragement and ideas I have been able to look at fears, anger, loss, and anxieties that have held me back, face them and let them go for good. Amazing freeing experience! I highly recommend Damian to anyone who wants to let go and be the "best you" and can be done over the phone so anyone on the planet can participate." — K.C.

  • "Damian Taggart is a leader. He is a strong, patient, wise, kind and caring man. His coaching and programs offer just enough push into the unknown coupled with a gentle hand of understanding of how challenging, yet rewarding, the unknown can be. From his program I gained a freedom from self-judgment that led to consistency in my fitness, more self-love, more love for others and an obliteration of fears." — C.M.

  • "Damian’s presence and listening skills are recognizably shamanic. He has the ability to tap into core issues, as his awarenesses go beyond what is commonly seen, and reflect back his findings with clarity and intention. Damian’s kindhearted self is multifaceted, and comes with not only spiritual wisdom, but also business knowing and interrelationship expertise. Whatever you might be experiencing in life, I highly recommend Damian to see you through it!" — S.K.

  • "I really enjoyed working with Damian. He is authentic, empathetic, and a good listener. He brings a lot of insight from his personal experience. He also has a wealth of knowledge and has great ideas to help work through difficult life situations and emotions. I learned little tools that I can use daily to help reduce my stress and help focus, and I learned different – healthier – perspectives to view situations. It is a pleasure talking to Damian." — J.F.

  • "I had a great coach session today with Damian Taggart! For any of you considering his services, I will say this: Damian has the articulate empathy, infectious enthusiasm, experience-based insight, and solution-based perspective to become a real leader in this field…so get in now while he’s still affordable. Thank you, Damian!" — A.M.

Challenging the notion of male privilege...

Here are some key statistics about challenges men are facing today:

  • Education: Men have fallen behind women in college enrollment and graduation rates. Women earn 57% of bachelor's degrees and 59% of master's degrees in the U.S.

  • Dating struggles: Approximately 31% of men between 18-30 have not had sex in the past year, 3 times more than women in that age group. There are 4 men for every 1 woman on most dating apps.

  • Workplace injuries and deaths: Men account for 93% of workplace deaths in America. Over their working lives, 1 in 5 men compared to 1 in 45 women will die from their jobs.

  • Homelessness: Single adult homeless populations are majority male. Up to 75% of the homeless population in America is comprised of men.

  • Incarceration: Over 90% of America's prison population is male. 1 in 9 black children has an incarcerated parent - most often the father.

  • Health issues: Men's life expectancy is about 5 years shorter than women's. Men have higher rates of heart disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease, and diabetes.

  • Suicides: Around 75% of all suicides in the U.S. are committed by men. It's the 7th leading cause of death for men.

  • Father's rights/custody: Mothers win custody in 84% of cases in divorce proceedings. Over 60% of legal "deadbroke dads" report difficulties paying child support.

  • Victims of violence: Men experienced 1.5 million incidents of nonfatal violent victimization in 2019, accounting for about 63% of total violent victimizations.

  • Mental health struggles: Men account for 75% of all suicides worldwide. Depression in men often goes undiagnosed.

  • High school graduation rates: High school graduation rates for males were 87% compared to 92% for females in 2019-2020.

  • Unemployment rates: The unemployment rate has consistently been about 1-2 percentage points higher on average for men compared to women since 1948.

  • Drug/alcohol abuse: 72% of deaths from alcoholic liver disease and 77% of drug overdose deaths occur among men.

  • Early mortality rates: US male life expectancy dropped from 76.3 years in 2019 to 73 in 2021 largely driven by external causes like drugs, suicide, violence.

  • College acceptance/enrollment: Women outnumber men among college applicants. For 2021 high school graduates applying for fall 2022, 64% of applicants who submitted test scores were female.

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